Hans Deli Kabana 2.6kg

Hans Deli Kabana 2.6kg

Hans Deli Kabana is made from meat including pork and seasoned with selected spices and garlic, filled into collagen casings and then naturally wood smoked.

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Meat Including Pork, Water, Seasoning Mix [Potato Starch, Modified Starch (1442)(Maize or Tapioca), Salt, Dextrose (Maize or Tapioca), Spices, Mineral Salts (450, 451, 452), Vegetable Powder, Antioxidant (316), Spice Extracts [Including (160c)], Maltodextrin (Maize or Tapioca), Yeast Extract, Preservative (250)], Soy Protein Concentrate, Acidity Regulators (326, 325), Crushed Garlic, Milk Protein. Edible Collagen Casing (Contains Colours: 160b, 100), Natural Wood Smoke.

Gluten Free. No Artificial Flavours. Naturally Wood Smoked

  • Store at or below 4°C. Consume within 3 days of opening.

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