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Hans has been providing customers with smallgoods, including products that provide a good source of protein making them delicious high protein snacks, for over 50 years. While we aim to evolve our product line to meet the changing demands of local and international consumers , we stay true to our commitment to delivering quality meats made in the authentic European tradition. With a quality glazed ham recipe for off-the-bone taste to spicy chorizo sausages, we deliver full flavour in every package.

All of the smallgoods we produce are gluten free, a source of protein and most are free from artificial colours and flavours. To showcase the versatility of our product range, we have also created a resource for sharing our favourite recipes for delicious and easy meals incorporating Hans products. Our meal ideas will inspire you to get creative while our low fat recipes will offer tasty ways to enjoy all of the high protein snacks in the Hans range Perfect at any Meal From ham, bacon and salami to sausages, franks, poultry and other smallgoods, the Hans range includes all of your family’s favourite meats. Each one is delicious on its own or included in any of the quick and easy meal ideas and low fat recipes we’ve created over the years. We invite you to explore our recipes here or to create your own family traditions using the delicious products in our expansive range. With so many unique ways to incorporate our meats into your snacks and meals, it’s easy to find creative ideas for tasty, easy meals as well as low fat recipes that deliver on flavour. Give Us Your Feedback Learn more about our commitment to quality here or get in touch with us directly for questions or concerns regarding any product in the Hans range of meats and smallgoods. We encourage customer feedback and look forward to hearing from you.

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