Safety and Quality

The wholesomeness of the meat products produced by Hans relies directly on our standards for food safety and hygiene. We have put in place stringent controls and procedures across all facilities to guarantee the highest standards for every process across our vast operations.

The following is a list detailing some of the key procedures we have implemented to ensure that every Hans product meets our high standards and is ready for consumption in local and international markets:

  • Total separation of raw and ready-to-consume products
  • Total separation of all staff working near raw products and ready-to-consume products, including facility maintenance staff members
  • Two stages of sanitation required for raw product food handlers
  • Three stages of sanitation required for ready-to-consume product food handlers
  • Uniforms used in raw and ready-to-consume product areas are washed in separate in-house laundry facilities
  • Each production area has unique drain lines to the effluent treatment plant
  • Production and cleaning facilities use different water reticulation systems
  • Twice-filtered air is supplied to the production areas
  • One-way cooking chambers / smokehouses introduce raw products at one end and deliver cooked products at the other end
  • Our on-site laboratory uses the latest equipment operated by fully qualified technologists


We currently operate under the guidelines of the following industry / regulatory groups:

AUS-MEAT Limited –
Department of Agriculture

The Hans Commitment

For more detailed information regarding the Hans commitment to Safety and Quality in the production of our signature meats and smallgoods, get in touch with us directly.