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Welcome to Hans Continental Smallgoods

Hans Continental Smallgoods has been providing Australian consumers with quality, taste and convenience for over 50 years with our authentic range of salami, ham, bacon, poultry, sausages and franks. The company’s history begins with our founder’s unwavering commitment to delivering the traditional tastes of Europe to our customers, and it is this dedication to high quality that has allowed us to become a leading smallgoods brand in the country.

By keeping with tradition, our hams provide the perfect main ingredient in glazed ham recipes and deliver home-cooked taste as close to “off-the-bone” as you can get, while our hot dogs, salamis and other meats give an authentic, wood-smoked taste using flavourful spices and traditional cooking methods. All of our products make delicious snacks on their own or as the perfect complement to any meal.

Continuing Tradition

Today, every aspect of our operations is designed to continue the tradition of quality while allowing us to meet the changing needs of consumers both here in Australia and internationally. As demand for our products has grown, so has our product range. We invite visitors to our website to discover all of our delicious smallgoods, including reduced fat products and the new Oliving by Hans® range.In addition to providing our customers with high quality, nutritious product options, we have created a database of popular ways to incorporate Hans’ into your favourite dishes. You will find a selection of delicious meal ideas as well as quick and easy meals and low fat recipes that the whole family will love. Explore the options and get inspired.

Taste the Difference

With a commitment to quality and nutrition in every aspect of our operations, we are confident you will taste the difference. We look forward to helping you find new and exciting meal ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. From quick and easy meals to low fat recipes, we’ve created unique and tasty recipes that use our Hans Made products. Consumers can get in touch with us here for questions or to provide us with feedback.


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