• Bacon

    Hans’ bacon is made from quality pork middles that are cured and naturally wood smoked to perfection for a delicious full-flavoured, prime quality bacon. Our Rind on Bacon Rashers are perfect for breakfast or in your favourite quiche, rice or pasta dishes.

    When cooking up breakfast, consider using Hans’ 98% Fat Free Bacon. This premium cut, rindless short cut bacon delivers the same smoky flavour with less than 3% fat. It’s the perfect accompaniment to poached eggs, grilled tomato on whole grain toast or other tasty, easy meal ideas to start your day right. . View some of our favourite recipes here .

  • Continental Smallgoods

    Our selection of Continental Smallgoods delivers a range of traditional cured meats like those in Austria, Germany, Latvia, Poland, Slovenia and Spain. We have lovingly adhered to the authentic recipes using only the finest beef and pork ingredients to deliver delicious, genuine European style smallgoods. All of the products in our Continental Smallgoods range are made from quality ingredients, are gluten free and most do not include any artificial colours or flavours. Our continental range of smallgoods are a delicious protein option for all of your favourite easy meal ideas and low fat recipes.

  • Ham & Beef

    From the Hans’ classic leg ham to gourmet Milano Ham, our ham product range includes all of your favourites. Our sliced and ready-to-eat hams are perfect on your favourite bread for delicious gourmet sandwiches. For a great start to the day, try our Ham Steaks for Breakfast, these high protein snacks are a good source of protein!

  • Kabana & Cabanossi

    Enjoy the distinctive tastes of Hans’ delicious Kabana and Cabanossi products made with a mixture of beef, pork and selected European spices. The traditional wood smoking enhances the flavour of these popular products for a tasty snack any time.

  • Salami

    From a selection of whole salamis using traditional European recipes to our range of sliced salami meats in an incredible variety of flavours, Hans makes the most delicious and authentic products in the market. Our salamis are the perfect snack for entertaining or for spicing up favourite recipes and creating easy meals everyone will love.

  • Sausages & Franks

    Easily the perfect party food, our range of sausages and franks will make your next barbecue a hit with kids and adults alike. They are flavoursome, easy to prepare and always a favourite. This range provides a tasty addition to your barbecues and favourite family meal ideas. The Hans American Hot Dogs are a good source of protein making them the ultimate, delicious, high protein snack any time of the day.

  • Striker

    Our delicious beef and pork salami sticks are the perfect on-the-go snack. Whether you like them hot and spicy or prefer our mildly seasoned variety, these salami sticks always deliver on flavour. Grab your favourites today for a quick bite that holds off hunger.