Kids Lunchbox Pizza

Created on October 8, 2014


  • Light rye sourdough buns
  • Pizza sauce
  • Hans Sliced Pizza Salami
  • Tasty cheese slices
  • Red capsicum, sliced
  • Kalamata olives
  • Celery stick, sliced
  • Dried oregano


  1. Split the sourdough buns in half and lay on a tray lined with baking paper with the cut face up.

  2. Spread a thin layer of pizza sauce on and top with Hans Sliced Pizza Salami and a slice of tasty cheese.

  3. Make a smiley face with the olives as the eyes, the celery as the nose and the capsicum as the mouth. Sprinkle the oregano to make hair.

  4. Place under a hot grill until the cheese has melted.

  5. Wrap loosely in baking paper and put into the kids lunch box as an exciting alternative to a sandwich.