Care for our Environment


Hans Continental Smallgoods conducts all production and operations in a manner that is protective of the environment as well as the health and safety of our employees, customers and the community.

Hans Smallgoods complies with all applicable food processing, environmental and health and safety laws and regulations. The company also provides training for staff in occupational health and safety and safe food handling techniques.

Quality Assurance

In addition to designing our operating processes to respect and protect the environment, Hans Smallgoods has developed a comprehensive Quality Assurance System that covers all aspects of product manufacture from raw materials to processing, packaging and delivery

Our modern, fully equipped laboratory is used as a testing resource to verify the quality of the products you buy. This ensures that everything we produce meets our high standards and our products are sent to the consumer with the guarantee of quality that Hans is known for.

Committed to Sustainable Practices

If you would like more information on how Hans Continental Smallgoods is committed to incorporating sustainable practices into all of our production operations, get in touch with us here .