Quality Commitment

From the moment he opened the doors to his small butcher shop in Ascot, Brisbane, Hans Van Der Drift had one simple motto, “You can tell by the taste it is Hans.” It has been upon this simple, yet powerful statement that the company’s unrelenting commitment to quality has rested for over 50 years. In 2012 Hans consolidated 3 separate plants to open Australia’s largest food manufacturing plant, a 40,000m² factory on McRoyle Street in Wacol, QLD.

Despite changes in how people eat, the Hans approach to food has not altered much. It hasn’t needed to. We have always offered customers incredibly delicious and authentic smallgoods that couple old-world traditions with modern convenience. All of these are manufactured with the latest innovations in technology and unrelenting attention to quality for products that our customers know and trust simply by the name Hans.

The Hans Way is the Healthier Way

As health concerns evolve over time in response to changes in diet, our products continue to reflect what we have always known to be the best way to produce smallgoods – the authentic way. All of our products are gluten free and most contain no artificial colours or flavours. Our recipes use natural spices for a delicious taste that is as close to off-the-bone as you can get.

The new Oliving by Hans ® products provide our customers with delicious and healthier options, including a reduced saturated fat salami which is also a good source of protein making it an excellent choice for high protein snacks that still have all the Hans flavour you love. Discover all of our delicious and easy meal ideas and low fat recipes here for inspiring ways to use all of your favourite Hans products.

At the Heart of Hans

Our commitment to producing high quality meats and smallgoods is at the heart of the company’s mission statement as we believe it best represents the original goal of our founder. For more information on the Hans quality commitment or to provide your feedback, get in touch with us here .