Hans Oliving Peperilli Salami


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Usage & Serving Suggestions: Serve on anti-pasto platters with cheese, pickles and bread sticks. A great pizza topping or addition to pasta dishes.

Storage: Store below 4°C. Consume within 14 days.

Allergen & Warning Statement: Fermented Manufactured Meat – No Heat Treated.

Ingredients Listing:

Pork (54%), Beef (35%), Seasoning [Spices & Spice Extracts, Dry Milk Solids, Maltodextrin (Maize), Dextrose (Maize), Lactose, Stabilisers (451, 450), Antioxidant (316), Dehydrated Vegetables, Herbs, Sugar], Salt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Starter Culture, Preservative (250).  Smoked.

Product of Australia.

Fermented, naturally wood smoked traditional Peperilli salami made from pork and beef with extra chilli added for flavour and spiciness and made with all the delicious taste & goodness of olive oil.

Serving Pack: Saturated Fat per serving: 4.0 g
Serving Size 50 g Saturated Fat per 100gm: 7.9 g
Energy Per Serving: 680 kJ Total Carbohydrates per serving: 2.7 g
Energy per 100gm: 1360 kJ Total Carbohydrates per 100gm: 5.4 g
Protein Per serving: 14.8 g Sugar Carbohydrates per serving:
Protein per 100gm: 29.5 g Sugar Carbohydrates per 100gm:
Total Fat per serving: 10.4 g Sodium Per serving:
Total Fat per 100gm: 20.7 g Sodium per 100gm: 1600 mg
  • Good Source of Protein
  • 35% Reduced Fat*
  • 31% Reduced Saturated Fat
  • Gluten Free
  • No Artificial Flavours
  • No Artificial Colours

*Compared to Hans Peperilli Salami