Quality Benefits

We recognise the importance of quality product information that allows consumers to make informed choices. The Hans brand is your guarantee of quality with every product carefully made to protect your family’s wellbeing and provide the nutritional benefits they need for an active lifestyle. Our products are gluten free and the majority use no artificial colours or flavours. We also offer a range of reduced-fat options including the Oliving by Hans® range.

Hans also understands that you want a variety of options, which is why we have created our expansive database of delicious and easy meal ideas and low fat recipes using all of our tasty and nutritious products. Explore the collection here.


“You Can Tell by the Taste it is Hans”

From our classic leg hams to our traditional wursts and salamis from Germany, Austria, Poland and beyond, Hans stays true to the distinct flavours typical of each authentic recipe. By using only quality ingredients we are able to get the same flavours that European butchers have been supplying locals with for hundreds of years, and we are certain that you will taste the difference.

Our commitment to quality ingredients not only protects the integrity of the flavour, but it also protects the health and wellbeing of our consumers.

Discover the Difference

When your family eats nutritious foods that are made from high quality ingredients, you can see the difference. Not only do the foods taste better, but they also provide your loved ones with energy and nutrition to get them through the day, with none of the bad stuff. Hans’ products are made with only the best quality ingredients, making them the perfect addition to all of your family meal ideas and low fat recipes.

Discover for yourself how quality sets our brand apart from the competition. We are confident you will appreciate the difference whether you eat our meats on their own or as part of your favourite meal.

It’s the Hans Commitment

For more information on the Hans commitment to quality , our product range or to provide us with feedback, please get in touch with us here .