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Hans Continental Smallgoods – Industry Leader and Innovator

Hans Continental Smallgoods is one of Australia’s most recognised names in the production of ham, bacon, salami, sausages, franks and other smallgoods for the domestic and export markets. Since 1960 we have been bringing the distinctive tastes of Europe to the Australian market using only quality ingredients with our distinctive wood smoked flavouring.

We maintain a commitment to providing delicious, quality products that the whole family will love.

Quality Guarantee

By owning and operating every step of the production process, Hans is able to guarantee our customers the highest possible levels of quality control . Our comprehensive Quality Assurance System covers all aspects of the process from raw materials to processing, packaging and delivery.

Every one of our more than 900 employees contributes to keeping the company in its leadership position. We operate at the cutting edge of technology thanks to extensive research and development, innovation and investment in our employees, equipment, technology and processes. Our modern, fully equipped laboratory is used as a testing resource to verify the quality of the products you buy.

We measure the success of our processes based on international industry standards, never falling back on the comforts of habit. Hans will continue to lead the industry in the production of high quality, delicious meats and smallgoods thanks to our commitment to innovation and dedication to customer satisfaction.