Hans Oliving


Here at Hans, our customers are like family to us, which is why we want to make it easy for you to eat healthier. This means offering nutritious alternatives that continue to deliver on taste. We understand that it’s not always easy to eat right, and we’re trying to change that by creating a delicious and low fat range that is convenient and affordable.

A unique idea inspired by the Mediterranean diet, new Hans Oliving® replaces some of the animal fats in our meats with natural, olive oil. The result is a delicious tasting protein solution that is significantly lower in fat and saturated fat but still full in flavour.

A Simple and Smart Alternative

Thanks to its reduced fat and saturated fat combined with the recognised health benefits of olive oil, the new Hans Oliving® range of meats offers health conscious consumers a simple and smart alternative that still feels like indulgence.

As part of a balanced diet, the Hans Oliving® salami range provides a good source of protein to make excellent high protein snacks and is reduced in saturated fat to add to any of our low fat recipes. To find your inspiration, visit our recipes page here and discover just how many options there are for nutritional, easy meal ideas that the whole family will love.

A Unique and Delicious Range from Hans

Low in fat and saturated fat with the added nutritional value provided by olive oil, this unique and delicious range of meats is the perfect addition to your favourite meal ideas. Click here to learn more about the Hans Oliving® range and where you can purchase your favourite Hans products, get in touch with us here.

For more information and discover the best way to enjoy the Mediterranean way of life, visit the Oliving the Life website.