Health and Nutrition


Hans has always produced only the best quality smallgoods on the market. This was the promise that the company was built on and it continues to be the mainstay of our operations today. We have extensive quality control and testing procedures to ensure that every product made by Hans lives up to the Hans quality standard and is safe and nutritious for you and your family.

We use traditional cooking methods and authentic spices to make European style meats that are delicious and good for you. Hans delivers an authentic taste that will remind you of your favourite home-cooked meals. From our delicious leg ham to our Reduced Fat Hungarian Salami, all of our products are perfect on their own or in your favourite breakfast, lunch or dinner dishes.

Helping Consumers Make Informed Choices


  •  Oliving by Hans – Learn more about how Hans has made our signature products even more beneficial to your wellbeing by reducing fat and saturated fat in our new Oliving range. More information on the Oliving by Hans website:
  • Quality Benefits – Nutrition, flavour and safety are just some of the benefits we offer consumers through our commitment to high quality products.

We have also created a comprehensive database of our favourite meal ideas and tasty recipes. These include something for everyone, from quick and easy meals to low fat recipes and more, all using your favourite Hans products. Visit our recipes page to get inspired with the many delicious and balanced recipes that can be created using the Hans range.

For Additional Information

For a full listing of Hans’ products and their nutritional information, simply browse under each of the product headings. Please direct any questions or requests for additional information to our online contact form and we will respond shortly.